I strongly believe that photography is an art, an expression, a moment preserved.  Capturing life in its most natural form is a beautiful thing.  I feel like, with the advent of Pinterest, Photoshop alterations, etc., we have gotten away from what a photograph should be.  The truth.  A record of our real lives.  A message... I was here!  Enhancing an image with color or transforming it into a gorgeous black and white, adding texture... I'm all for it.  But many of the trends these days are just not for me.   Prior to this year, I provided these services to everyone and I stayed extremely busy. But the art faded. I bent my standards and realized I was mass producing sub par work that I didn't even really enjoy anymore. There was no life in the photographs anymore. No excitement in me.

2015, a brand new year, and I am returning to my vision, my art.  To those shots that make my heart skip a beat.  To the love of recording life which first prompted me to pick up the camera when I was just a child.  This also means that I will be providing portrait/wedding photography selectively from here on, not to all.  I feel that, not only is this the best choice I can make for myself personally, but the best choice I can make for the clients that I do take on.  I will be delivering my creative best instead of just performing a job.  I believe you deserve that.

I am looking forward to an exciting new year, a new style, and a brand new journey.